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a question about static ip


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i am trying to fix my speed problem (which at the moment is 0.0 - not very fun!). have uninstalled everything and am starting again.

i have read the instructions for setting up a static ip but i am stumped about a couple of things.

i have a wireless linksys router. the DHCP is enabled giving me a starting ip of and 50 users. the ip address of my laptop when i check ipconfig in the run is my husband's is we also have 2 other paptop users in the house, who are away for the moment.

i tried to reduce the range and set a static IP of for myself and switched off the DHCP enabled. but my husband lost his connection. sp do i keep the DHCP enabled and just pick a number outside the range? or do i switch it off and set a different static ip for all 4 laptops? and isn't the ip address of my computer now already outside of the range (it is xxx.5 and wouldn't the range be 100-150?)? so can i just leave this bit alone?

sorry if this doesn't make much sense - i'm confused and getting frusterated. i'm not sure my problem can be fixed at all, but want to make sure i have the ip correct.

thanks! :)

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