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Sudden Change To Speed - looks permanent - can anyone help.


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I have only been using uTorrent for three days. I am on AOL silver.

The first film I downloaded was all ok, about 1.6 GB size - good speed took about 9 hours which roughly fitted with the ETA on screen. The second film started ok and ETA was about 8 hours. Before lunch time we had downloaded 40% of this 2.88GB film and all appeared ok. Then I had my lunch

Since then the 'Down Speed' has been running from 0.0 up to about 0.5 with no 'ETA' time showing. Only 1.1% more has been done. I have the green tick ok.

I have tried turning off uTorrent and back on again. No change.

I did not change any setting - just had my lunch!!

Any ideas on what might have happened or what I can do about it. I am no computer expert so keep it simple for me please.

Many thanks


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I know nothing about your settings in µTorrent. (Did you run Speed Guide CTRL+G?)

I know nothing about your connection...type, speed, ISP.

I know nothing about your networking setup...wireless, USB, router type/brand.

Any one of these or all of these can tell us what the cause of your problems are.

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