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Slow speeds-Orange triangle with (!) instead of green light, plz help!


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When you hover over this orange triangle it reads:

"No incoming connections

Unless the icon turns green, it could indicate a preblem with your network configuration."

My speeds are very slow and this problem happened out of the blue.

The problem is that most of my downloads are inactive, however, for some reason a few of the downloads are active. All of the leechers and seeders are shown for all torrents, but only the few active torrents are connected to a single seeder, and maybe a couple of leechers. At the moment my speeds are 2.5kbps instead of about 80. I am on a wireless router, however i tried a land connection on a different isp and the same thing happens. I also have the latest u-torrent version, and i have tried changing ports and ensured u-torrent is in the firewall exceptions.

I would greatly appreciate any help given. Im sure the answer is simple so please let me know if you have any recommendations,

Thanks very much.

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