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NAT ok (green icon) - Settings correct - Slow speed?


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I tend to get between 10-25 kbps but it goes higher if I get lucky and connect to a seed/peer that uploads at a decent speed. My settings are as follows:

Port = 50000

Global Upload = 12kbps
Global Download = 0kbps
Upload Slots = 3

Global Connections = 96
Maximum peers per torrent = 96

All additional features turned on.

My connection is 4mb/128kb.

My settings are what they should be for my connection, ie Global connections/80% upload etc

I don't have any NAT errors. I have no software firewall running either. My router is a "XH7916 - DSE ADSL Router". I connect to a few seeds but mostly peers and they either don't upload at all to me or upload at around 3kbps max. My upload is usually maxed out. I have tried tried changing my port and disabling DHT but it didn't improve my speed at all. My ISP is Xtra. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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I tried the Slackware torrent and I was connected to a 3-4 seeds (that uploaded at more than 1kbps) and got 55kbps. If this torrent is bad then how are there getting good speeds? There's a few people getting 200-300kbps, and that's just from the few that I'm connected to.

Edit: The seed/peers are: 1200 seeds - 5300 peers, so the ratio is pretty bad but I have the same problem with all of my torrents.

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