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Download says completed, when it isn't


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Hey guys,

As the title says, I was downloading a rather large file, 2.75 GB and all off a sudden it just goes into upload mode and says it has downloaded all the file. But about 10 minutes ago it was at 771 Mb?


But the little transfer box says it is still only downloaded 771 MB, and when I go to open the file, it is not recognised because it hasn't downloaded completely.


Both pictures were taken at the same time.

Is that uTorrents problem or the trackers problem or my network/computers program? Any help previous threads I can look at, I have been running this torrent for a while and for this to happen is really pissing me off :P

EDIT: Even when I remove the torrent and start it again it just finds all the files and says it is finished again, really weird


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Nope didn't skip any files, and when I force a recheck it just says it found all completed. Yet none of the files are able to be played and my internet connection cannot download 1.75 gigabytes in like 10 minutes (which was the time I looked away from the torrent and back)

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