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Green sign, 6 hours later Orange?


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K so i downloaded utorrent last night, set it all up and went through the speed setup etc green sign, all good withought having to do anything.

Had 3 things going at between 80-170kBs a sec.

So i go to sleep, wake up in the morning to see one had finished and others were going at a 1-8kBs a sec.

Then i notice its gone from green to yellow, so i click and the ports now decided to appear as closed. Bear in mind i havent changed anything as i just switched off the monitor.

Ive littraly spent 5 hours searching fourms, google and tinkering myself to no avail :(

THEN magicaly it gos back to green, 150kBs etc so i go bakc to rl things, Powercut...

re boot and now its back to yellow...

Now ive tried forwarding ports, make no diffrence, lowerd the speed from every setting xx/1MB down to xx/256kB.

Tried putting myself in DMZ and still no change in port status (which is odd as shouldnt everyport be open?)

Now its droped to a red sign but im getting 50.5kBs DL , 20.o6kB UL..

Also restarted the router,PC and utorrent stil no green!

well heres my setup so to speak

Belkin F5D7644-4

AoL Broadband, 8MB

UpNp is on, on both utorrent and router

Xp Sp2.

heres some pics to better explain.





UL/DL speeds


I have a feeling its something blindingly obviouse to a person with this kind of knowledge but that perosn sure isnt me :(

Oh and thanks for any help given :D

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Ah, Belkin wireless DSL router. It's too weak to handle probably more than 60 connections at once. High half open rates may even force you to turn it off and on again to get it working again at all.

Using a USB connection to get to your wireless network makes it even worse, you may need to reduce max connections as low as 20-40.

DHT and UPnP definitely need to be disabled.

Your computer's LAN ip is inside your router's DHCP ip range ( to, which means port forwarding may not work correctly even IF you pointed the forwarding to (your computer's LAN ip) correctly. Worse, if your computer's ip is set up to be automatically assigned, when you reboot it may change to something else from to

The port checker checks your internet ip, not your computer's LAN ip...which it doesn't know. If you've port forwarded correctly and there's no additional firewalls then the packets SHOULD be forwarded to your computer.

Your speed tests seemed very low on the download bandwidth side (less than 1/2 megabit/sec), so there may be something else interfering with your speeds. The upload bandwidth seems suited for xx/256k or xx/384k (with slight tweaks).

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Well tried lower settings, still getting similar results.

I mean it push 20-40kBs most of the time, but its sad to think i had 150+ two days ago and it went down hill for no apparent reason :(

I have a feeling its my computer ilitaracy more than anything, just cant seem to get Portforwarding right....

Added this pick to show my attempts at portforwardng but i have a feeling its not right atall...


Oh and the router/system is set to a static IP if that helps atall.

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Your computer's LAN ip seems to be according to this picture:


So it is this ip that µTorrent should be port forwarded to on your router.

You seem to be using (or trying to use) port 6899, so the port forwarding rule should start with 6899 and end with either 6899 or 6900 (to be safe)...and the start and end ports should be the same for both internal and external ports.

There needs to be 2 separate rules...1 that forwards TCP on port 6899 and another that fowards UDP on port 6899. ...or if your router allows, just forward both kinds (TCP+UDP) with a single rule.

Your computer's LAN ip and router's LAN ip both need to be static, but your router's WAN (internet) ip needs to be dynamic.

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