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can Anyone Answer?????


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First post here and I hope someone can help.

Using XP with broadband (roughly 8meg)

Been using utorrent for about a month. Initially, after following all the guides etc, I managed to get DL speeds of 225kb for most files (when testing for speed with the test file got up to 550kb). So I was happy.

Green tick, port forwarded,

Changed from Norton 2006 to 2007 and it all went to rat shit. My DL speeds now rarely go higher than 18kb. These include popular files with thousands of seeders/peers (I do connect to about 60ish seeders/peers)

I've uninstalled Norton and tried a few others without success.

My ISP is BT (UK)

With BT Home Hub

I've tried all sorts with no luck.

Any thoughts folks.

Much appreciated

I know I should be

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I've tried azureus and bitcomet as well. Same thing. You should still be able to get speeds over 18 KB, they cap me at about 40 usually. I read somewhere there are specific problems with the home hub. Can't remember what exactly i read but you should investigate that.

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