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Unfair sharing


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I don't know how torrent network really works, but I found this quite unfair.

When a torrent job is still downloading (not yet 100% complete), I got less slices (blocks of a piece) than sending them.

In other words, some peers give me less slices than the ones they receive from me.

I thought this should be a fair sharing.

I mean, if I send 3 slices to a peer, the peer should give me 3 slices also.

And if I receive 2 slices, I should send 2 slices too.

But that is not true for some peers. Some will keep asking me to send (for example) 3 slices, and when I did send them, they only give me 1 slice AND they'll keep asking for more slices from me, yet I still receive 1 slice (per 3 slices I send).

So, the question is, is this normal? Or they really are playing unfair?

FYI, I don't have my bandwidth limited.

I hope my question is not confusing.


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I don't know much about how the protocol works, but doesn't it make sense that those peers who are sending you little, do so because they're sending more to other peers? For example, let's say there's a peer in a swarm who has 2 upload slots per torrent, and is downloading that torrent only. The peer has 40KB/s max upload, and I'm one of the peers downloading from him, so he's uploading to me at 20KB/s. Let's say I have 40KB/s upload as well, but I have 4 upload slots, so I'm uploading to the other peer at 10KB/s, as opposed to the 20KB/s that I'm downloading from him. Is that unfair? I don't think so. I might actually not upload to that particular peer at all, and only upload to other peers in the swarm. If you are not getting an OVERALL value that is at least equal to what you're giving, then you might say that there is a problem. But from my experience, on most torrents I have a much higher download speed than I have an upload speed, and I usually have to keep seeding long before I finish downloading, to reach a 1:1 ratio (my download is capped at 90KB/s and upload at 50KB/s and they both get maxed, unless there's a really small swarm). I hope that makes sense.

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I just noticed about the BitComet issue and thought maybe it's the cause of the problem.

But unfortunately I don't remember the peer's client name. I only remember that the peer download rate is about 200KB/s and it constantly requesting 3 slices while I'm requesting only 2 slices. My torrent task was about 62% (whole files) while the peer it about 92% and I'm using ancient 56k dial-up (sigh...).

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What I mean unlimited is that I do not limit the bandwidth via right-click on the statusbar and I already set the connection type to "Dial-up (56k)".

I HAD to use dial-up since in my place, DSL connection is FOUR times more expensive than in the U.S. Sure, there are many other options out there... but I don't want to go off topic.

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