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a quick version/udp question


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I did a search for his first, so please, be gentle with the flames & bear with me

apperently 1.2 does not support udp trackers

after using 1.1.7 (and earlier) i noticed it didnt support udp

when i searched forums about it I got the impression that 1.1.8 was going have it

then we jumped to 1.2 but no UDP support was listed in the changelog

being silly I thoguht maybee they just forgot to mention it, and tried to download a torrent from a udp tracker anyway.

surprise it didnt work.

so my question is, what happened?

was I misinformed? did i get the wrong impression thinking that udp would be in 1.1.8

was there a last minute bug in the udp code preventing it from being included in this release?

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I really cant say i know why people are begging for UDP tracker support.. about one of every 100000 trackers uses UDP and 99% of those have http fallbacks. Useless IMO (though it will probably get implemented since ludde will want to satisfy users).

That's what writing a good peice of software is, isn't it? Giving the users what they want to see.

By the way, people aren't "begging". They're asking very politely, with no lack of respect or gratitude for all the hard work the team have been putting into utorrent.

We shouldn't forget that utorrent is a bittorrent client - its aim is to download and upload files. If it can't do that, then adding all the bells and whistles (like RSS feed support, and the like) is useless - compatibility is the most important thing.

It would also seem as though my comments hold water, since http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=1395 says that UDP and Unicode support are coming soon. The developers also seem to share the view that compatibility is key.

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I'm just waiting for the day when instead of complying with certain standards or features that other clients have, µTorrent starts pioneering new features that force the coders of other clients to pick up the pace to implement. That would represent a total switcharound between µTorrent and the status quo.

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Exactly. And you got your precious DHT implemented...that wasn't easy you know? :/

Yeah seriously. They implement a totally badass feature and then people still complain about things they missed' date=' and plus this is the first in a on haul in the 1.2.* line. =']

okay, repeatign again

not complaining

not upset

was just curious

I wish peopel didnt get so upset.

go read my post,

my quesstion was as much "was I misinformed?" as anything else.

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