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Torrent creation - scripting and/or directory recursion on click


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So I have hundreds of files all neatly arranged in sub-directories and sub-sub directories under a spot that is my "shared files" root.

It would be nice to be able to either run a script or for uTorrent to simply "do" a batch .torrent generation creating torrents for each sub-sub directory.

With say 400 sub-directories is it really tenable to expect some kind-minded soul to spend donkeys years writing all the torrent files for all those individual sub-directories?

I would suggest a batch-job tool that will select given sub-directories and for each instance of sub-sub-directory create a torrent file of name function of path content.

So, for example:

- shared files all in \shared

- path \shared\foo\bar contains 10 files of suffix ".interesting"

a .torrent called foo_bar.torrent would be created in the torrent file place (set in options/preferences) containing all the files of suffix ".interesting" in path \shared\foo\bar (or /shared/foo/bar as the case may be).

If there is then a second limb called \shared\foo2\bar2 a second .torrent called foo2_bar2.torrent would be created on the same basis

… and so on until the entire contents of \shared had been recursed.

Any possibility of doing this for us, guys?


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