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"Device not ready?!"


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Yeah, I've had as many as 9 hard drives in 1 computer. When they're all spun down and I attempt something (such as a file move between drives), they take so long to spin up 1-at-a-time that anything time-critical usually crashes something awful.

Another fun trick is to be playing a media file across the network, pause it, break the ip-to-ip connection (either by physically disconnecting the ethernet cable or using TCP view), and try to resume the media file. The error message may in fact vary, though typically something cryptic like "media not available" occurs.

Gotta love multiple CD/DVD drives for autoboot wars. Get a bunch of autobooting CDs and put them into multiple CD/DVD drives and close them all in the same second. I've seen Windows 98 and XP bluescreen just from that alone. Essentially, it's just a cpu timeslice issue...and it may even generate a "Device not ready" error message. But it's REALLY bad policy to have arbitrary code auto-load and run just by inserting a (unknown?) CD/DVD in the drive. That's why I disable CD autoboot on my computers.

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