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NAT error / transfer settings


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I like this client because is very small and needs no install. But I would like to ask two questions:

I'm behind a NAT (my ip is 192.168.x.x) and the ISP does NOT forward for me some ports (I cannot configure it myself and he does not answer my emails about that) - so I get still the message "NAT error" but the download runs... but still very slowly (approx 5 KB/s, peak about max 40) - so when I had some ports forwarded to me, would be the speed greater (withou the NAT error then)?

And then I have limited the upload speed to max 5 KB/s (because my download is still around that number and I don't want to upload at 60-70 and down 10x slower...) - is this upload limit also limiting my download speed?

And finally... I read in the FAQ that the settings are stored in %userprofile%\application data\utorrent ... so I tried to transfer my partial download to other windows installation, copied also those settings to the other windows - but when i run there the utorrent.exe ... the window with download queues was empty... and i could not resume them... can you help me, what to do (the directory with utorrent.exe does not contain any other files).

Thank you for help.

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thanks for answer. It is just interesting that even with those port not forwarded the upload runs still better than download. I tried for a while to turn off the upload limit and this is what I got


To have the port forwarded I have to ask it from my ISP, but I think he doesn't know to do it and also doesn't want too much... but maybe some time :(

And about transferring the settings... I copied the whole

F:\Documents and Settings\ujo\Application Data\uTorrent\


G:\Documents and Settings\ujo\Application Data\uTorrent\

(two windows xp installations on the same hdd, same username) and it made nothing... (when i run the utorrent under the second "new" windows, the downloads list was empty...)

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