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right setting for me please.. >.<


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Earlier like 3 week ago when i start using Utorrent everything was fast.. but after a period of time.. the sign on the bottom that say Network OK.. then turn a yellow then to a freaken "!!!" (red) now the dl is like slow like 56k modem.. and i try "speed guide" and the torrent stayed at 0 kb/sec.. and the torrent has more then 4000 ppl seeding it.. non connected.. (if i turn off Utorrent its fast and ok)

edit: upload is working FINE.. -_-pass 40kbs

also my internet disconnect after..(got nothing with the wiring)

this hapen in Azureus too thats y i switched to Utorent..

I have

DSL.. at&t.. 128kbs.. at least..

speed is unknown cuz i try to do the test but it never came up with the result it say.. "speedtest is in progress" for a period of time of OVERNIGHT

OS.. is Brand New hp.. window xp media edition

NO firewall.. or i think i don't

and i DONT dare to mess with the "port forwarding" thing.. cuz last time i messed with it i have to call up my isp (yahoo) to help me fix it.. (Azureus attemp to tweek)

and yes this happen before..

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i dont really know anymore cuz of the "!!!!" and it say

"not connectable.. a Firewall or Router is limiting ur network trafic.. you need to open a port so other can connect to you.."

.. and upload speed is about 35kB/s (sry) its not that fast like its supost to.. while the dl speed is 10kB/s.. and the speed guide with xx/64K really limits my speed even more..

iono if this help but DHT: 190 nodes..

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Try the xx/384k Speed Guide (CTRL+G) setting if your upload speed in µTorrent is reaching 35 KiloBYTES/sec.

Seems DHT is working for you if you're getting 190 nodes...so strangely, your UDP packets seem to be getting through ok (what DHT uses) -- but TCP packets used for actually uploading/downloading torrents is not!

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iono if this helps but if i dl a file off of megauploader the speed reach up at least 100Kb/s.. and the nodes changed to 226.. and im trying the setting of 384 right now.. and so far it doesnt seem to do anything different..

edit: the local Area Connection status said i have the speed of 10.0 Mbps the router is 2wire..

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