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Strange Problem


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I'm at a school that runs it's own LANs.

When i try to download in my flat the torrent just sits there and seeds/peers are 0(0) but

when i take to my office(different LAN) it works ok.

Now the strange bit when I come back to my flat the same torrents download ok.

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in your flat the lan probably blocks the comunicaction with the tracker (and/or DHT if activated) so you can't get any infos about other peers IPs that have the content.

onece you are on teh other lan, tracker communication is possible, you get a list of IPs, and with this list of IPs still known to µT you can initiate the also direct connections to them in your flat.

you can try if your flat lan blocks tracker communication by stopping the now working torrent, right clicking it, and clearing the peers list. if you then restart µT he has again no information about peers and probably can't get any over your flat lan.

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