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Can't download


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Okay, I had my internet upgraded to 8 MB (Tiscali MAX Unlimited) a few days ago. Now I can't download. I have a static IP address but I hardly ever get any seeds. If I'm lucky enough to get some seeds, nothing happens. I've tried disabling DHT and that wont work, with it enabled (as I'm writing this) I have 230 nodes. Right now it is downloading but at 1kbps. HELP MEEEE!!! :P:P:P:P:P:P

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I bet if you read the contract terms for your newly upgraded "unlimited" you will find some kind of "fair use" policy.

if you do torrenting with 8MB, they will claim that this behaviour isn't fair to THEM and their overbooked lines, so they will throttle you.

Thats why its important to READ before signing up to a change in service!

Will Tiscali MAX Unlimited run at its maximum speed all the time?

Your speed may change througout the day. It will slow down during peak times or when other broadband users connected to the same exchange as you.



LOL, they don't guarantee you any kind of minimum speed (note the 2 important words "up to" before the speedclaims on the frontpage) and then this nice FUP.

I guess you are FUPCKED with your decision!

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so, if you are not limited as you claim now, why have you written your initial post that you have no speed from p2p then?

haven't you read the FUP?

They will punish you if you use p2p in a way that at least one of their technicians don't like (that one that will decide to switch you to the "p2p guys shared" line.

[...]What happens if you are affected by the Fair Usage Policy?

During peak hours, customers affected by the fair usage policy will share bandwidth with each other and will be separated from other customers. The amount of bandwidth available for affected customers to share, will be at least as much as for those customers unaffected by the policy.

The speed affected customers experience when downloading at peak hours will therefore depend on what these customers are doing. If they are all web-browsing and reading emails, they will experience normal broadband speed. If on the other hand they are using Peer to Peer or file sharing software they will experience slow broadband speed.

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