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Help needed - port forwarding


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Hi, I've been trying to forward a port with a Netgear WGR614 wireless router. I've followed the guide but the router is giving me a LAN IP of 192.168.*.* ie that's the IP shown by the ipconfig command, but the actual IP is something else, 82.35.*.* If I set up a static IP address using this the router keeps resetting itself and I can't connect. The documentation for the router says it has a built-in firewall, turning this off makes no difference. I also tried setting the LAN IP in the router settings to the same as the actual IP, as well as in the advanced properties section of the wireless network, but couldn't connect.

I get the red exclamation mark, I have windows firewall disabled, I use Zonealarm but have utorrent exempted, windows xp sp2. Any clues?


After reading the advanced port forwarding guide I checked that the cable modem (Motorola surfboard) wasn't causing the problem ie it wasn't giving me a 192.168.100.xx IP address, but there is an option on the router setup saying 'Use router as DHCP server'. The default is checked, the notes say if I uncheck it I'll need another dhcp server in my network or have to configure the computer manually. Could this be the answer?

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