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Error 73: xxxx/yyy/x/y


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My client (1.6.1 build 490) keeps on crashing.

I have unfortunately never been around the computer when it happens.

I've checked the FAQ and searched the forum but I can't seem to find my particular error.

My error looks something like this:

"Error 73: 1448/328/0/1"

I first thought that the swedish language didn't supported error 73, why it just printed the number, but I have changed to english and it still just says "Error 73".

It is always an error 73, but the numbers after changes. Is there a list or something where I can see what error 73 means?

I have none of the incompatible softwares mentioned in the FAQ, but I turned of the AV just in case my AV-client just isn't listed yet, but it still crashes.

My first question is really what error 73 means? After knowing that, I can troubleshoot some more.

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