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utorrent auto start


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Maybe Im missing something here but im having problems getting utorrent to auto start.

My situation is i have one computer used my many people that runs utorrent. When I change the setting within utorrent to make it start automatically, it does not start downloading my torrents until i login with my user. I read somewhere that the solution to this is to move the settings.dat file to the same directory as the utorrent.exe file. I have done this but it doesnt solve my problem.

Next i tried setting utorrent to run as a service. This works ok and i am able to use the webUI to control the program. The only problem is when I want to change the settings not accessible from the webui. If i run the utorrent program it starts a new instance rather than bringing me to the program running in the background. If i use task manager to end the process of the utorrent-as-service then the program will run but it takes ages to recheck all the torrents before transfers start.

Surely there is a better way??

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Just so u know. Only services can run without having to log in. If you want µtorrent to start with system startup you have to wrap it in a service.

Try running the service under your login credentials (Log On tab of the Service Properties).

Otherwise switch back to system and try enabling "Allow interaction with desktop".

This might give you the µtorrent window when you login and should allow you to adjust settings and to close it gracefully when needed.

Not tested though.

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