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.torrent not dl to right folder


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I have the latest stable release of utorrent, and am running the latest version of firefox.

FF is set to dl all files to the desktop.

In the setup options for uT, I have it set to dl the .torrent and the actual file to the folder where all my torrents are stored.

My problem is, all the .torrent files are automatically downloaded to the desktop, and not the correct folder. Is there any way to fix this?

I have searched this forum and read the FAQ, but may of missed it if this was already answered.

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I have used FF with Azureus for years with the same dl settings, ie dl .torrent to a specific folder, and never had a problem. I quit using Azureus as it had become a system resources hog.

If there is anyway around this annoying issue I would love to hear it.

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