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Port Forwarding: 2Wire 2700HG-B


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Network light: yellow, sometimes red.

Port checker, looking at port 58885, reports closed port

Port scanner at http://whatsmyip.org/ports/ reports 58885 is closed

Firewall properties on modem's internal settings report 58885 is open

ISP's tech-support told me that 58885 showed as open from their end.

<img src="http://www.dslreports.com/im/27450795/464.png">

575 Kbps (70.1 KB/s) download, 306 Kbps (37.3 KB/s) upload

Connection settings:

xx/384k; Upload limit 35 kB/s; 4 upload slots; 80 connections/torrent

230 global connections; 3 max active torrents; 2 max active downloads; Open port 58885

Windows XP (SP2)

ZoneAlarm version 7.0.337.000

AVG Free Edition version 7.5.446

— Virus base 268.18.26/746 (4/4/07)

Modem: 2Wire 2700HG-B with an 802.11g wireless router


To put all that in English: I've been unable to get a green light on the connection. I've adjusted the router's settings to allow a selected port to remain open, and contacted my ISP (AT&T/SBC) to confirm that they're not blocking the port on their end. Despite this, µTorrent reports that the port is closed, and most websites do likewise. My connection speed tends toward the 600k range, which isn't half bad for the advertised maximum (I'm just using their basic 768k connection). The most I can get on download speeds through µTorrent is about 35KB/s, though I usually don't get more than about 15-20K.

Does this cover everything you'd need to help me get that all-important green light?

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I suspected as much. Is there any other information I can send you that might help pinpoint the cause?

Edit, since I can't double-post.

I don't know if it was just the moment I was testing my uploads, but I've just noticed that my overall speed (the one in the status bar at the bottom) is showing uploads of about 30-35K. Maybe it's because I'd been threatening it?

Anyway, I'm actually getting decent uploads, though I'm not happy with my download speeds. And the connection status light is a bright, gleaming red. It's never green at all, and only seldom yellow now.

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