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µTorrent 1.7 beta 2951


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I have nod32 installed, but without real time scanning. I have no netlimiter installed or any similar programs (except wireshark).

The leak seems to appear only when downloading/uploading really fast (eg. 4megabyte/s or faster). Even if I delete all torrents, the dynamic cache does not seem to be disposed. My uTorrent memory record is ~100mb.

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I use latest Netlimiter, and NOD32 as well with file monitoring enabled. I pretty much upload only at a constant 50k.

Winxp sp2 with latest fixes from windows update. using Zonealarm, some older version (6.0.something, later versions constantly crash with some mscvrt error), free edition.

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Hey...I just started getting this error with 1355, no clue as to why:

AppName: utorrent.exe AppVer: ModName: utorrent.exe

ModVer: Offset: 000100e0

Also the file included with the error report has this listed:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>



<MATCHING_FILE NAME="uTorrent.exe" SIZE="202240" CHECKSUM="0xE99B8EA9" MODULE_TYPE="WIN32" PE_CHECKSUM="0x37C0A" LINKER_VERSION="0x0" LINK_DATE="04/19/2007 02:43:08" UPTO_LINK_DATE="04/19/2007 02:43:08" />



<MATCHING_FILE NAME="kernel32.dll" SIZE="985088" CHECKSUM="0x697CBF96" BIN_FILE_VERSION="5.1.2600.2945" BIN_PRODUCT_VERSION="5.1.2600.2945" PRODUCT_VERSION="5.1.2600.2945" FILE_DESCRIPTION="Windows NT BASE API Client DLL" COMPANY_NAME="Microsoft Corporation" PRODUCT_NAME="Microsoft® Windows® Operating System" FILE_VERSION="5.1.2600.2945 (xpsp.060704-2357)" ORIGINAL_FILENAME="kernel32" INTERNAL_NAME="kernel32" LEGAL_COPYRIGHT="© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved." VERFILEDATEHI="0x0" VERFILEDATELO="0x0" VERFILEOS="0x40004" VERFILETYPE="0x2" MODULE_TYPE="WIN32" PE_CHECKSUM="0xF213C" LINKER_VERSION="0x50001" UPTO_BIN_FILE_VERSION="5.1.2600.2945" UPTO_BIN_PRODUCT_VERSION="5.1.2600.2945" LINK_DATE="07/05/2006 10:57:10" UPTO_LINK_DATE="07/05/2006 10:57:10" VER_LANGUAGE="English (United States) [0x409]" />



Currently trying to download two files.

Help appreciated.

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µTorrent started crashing a lot for me just now, and I'm not sure if it even managed to send any of the dumps to you, so here they are. (downgraded to 1.6.1 just so I can continue downloading as the crashing now occurs right at the start). I'll wager it has something to do with the HTTP redirect I noticed in the dumps.


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1552::RSS status :

Much better as well... !

3 small problems here (multiple feeds, multiple favorites, Win98):

1- the program crashed when trying to display the releases TAB . this does not reoccur now, maybe since the feeds have different data (Crash dumps were Emailed)

2- in favorites TAB pressing the "?" button on an item with smart ep. filter set - should display ONLY the first item/torrent that will be downloaded . It displays ALL available items. Also here - this does not happen an all favorites, but only on some of them.

3- in releases (smart ep filter ON) - only the one torrent is actually downloaded. Only IT should be marked with the blue 'V' check-mark. Instead - ALL torrents with similar name but on different feeds - are being marked with "V".

Seems like the rest of the bugs have been fixed now (double records in history, double downloads with smart filter on)

thanks for the good work!

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@ DonGato - did you have any RSS filters set up? We discovered a crash just now (my bad =/ ), fix should be posted shortly. Thanks.

@ rafi - regarding #3, does this occur for ALL releases with the same name? IIRC, it should only occur if it has the same name AND the same url to the .torrent.

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Build 1552, still having memory leak problems. Running only 1 torrent and uT uses 150+MB physical memory after 9 hours. But at least it's better than the previous build (200MB+ PM and 350MB+ VM)

RSS : uT will sometimes fail to log the error if it fails to download feeds. This happens to tokyotosho rss feeds.

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