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µTorrent 1.7 beta 2951


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µTorrent 1.7 beta 1065

Unable to map UPnP Port.

Unable to map NAT-PMP Port.

Running vista ultimate. I did shot off my vista firewall and it had no effect.

My wireless router does have UPnP enabled. It's a linksys wrt54g ver6.

The port used is being seen as open and accepting connections.

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OK, I've updated to this last version from 490. I have only one thing to complain about: Bandwidth Allocation. I had it set up for a few torrents before updating and now it seems that there can be double checking like Low and High at the same time. And I can't modify the settings.

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I adhere to findings of FadeToBlack. My bandwidth allocation settings did change (most have double selection) and now trying to change those settings results in very change behavior. Sometimes it just removes a selected option, sometimes it sets it to normal, sometimes it doesn't change and sometimes it changes the option (not necessarily to my choice). FadeToBlack found a bug?

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@apicola It tries to discover peers in the local area. Say if your ip is, and peers in the same area of you are using ips with 234.123.12.x then you might be able to connect to each other locally, which could result in LAN-speeds.

Not quite... It's purely for use on LAN, and not a geographic measure of "local-ness." Meaning RFC1918 only IPs.

And when you are checking a few files in a folder the square should be grey instead of white so you know that all files in it are not selected.

Yah, I reported this to alus already. I think it's being looked into. It's also the same when you uncheck everything in a subdirectory: the subdirectory's checkbox should also be unchecked. Other suggestions I've made to the dev team include icon changes, and scrollbar fixes (look at the vertical scrollbar -- it currently doesn't overlap the column header, and gets overlapped by the horizontal scrollbar).

@z00z0: Yes, traffic-shaping of sorts. It allows µTorrent automatically select an upload speed based on periodically measured network conditions. Basically, it checks your upload speed every now and then, and then takes a fraction of it and sets that as your upload rate limit.

@dracon: Yes, installing it moves the file to %ProgramFiles%\uTorrent.

@FadeToBlack: Ooh... I thought CodeRed noticed the bug :o Re-reported...

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Yes UPnP is enabled, i'm not completely stupid ;)

My router is a Billion 7402VGP, and 1.6 works fine on XP SP2 with the current router config. Based on previous UPnP threads, i'm not sure we should clutter this Announcement post with UPnP bug reports, my only real suggestion at this point is for the current developers to add similar debug information in the log, as ludd had done on previous 1.5/1.6 builds, such as the location of the XML UPnP schema that the router is reporting, etc...

Useful info maybe...

Description:    Billion Electric Co., Ltd. UPnP IGD in ISOS 5.52eDeviceType:    urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:InternetGatewayDevice:1FriendlyName:    home.gatewayManufacturer:    Billion Electric Co., Ltd.ManufacturerUrl:    http://www.billion.com.au/ModelName:    IGDModelNumber:    5.52eModelURL:    http://www.vendor.com/modelPresentationUrl:    PrototypeUDN:    uuid:e1d3a6df-7b57-ba8f-3551-501bf72f3bd0UPC:    Universal Product Code



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