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µTorrent 1.7 beta 2951


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@Richard Choi

C:\UnZip32.exe -l utorrent.zipArchive:  utorrent.zip  Length     Date   Time    Name --------    ----   ----    ----   132667  07-05-03 14:18   1625-utorrent.e2b2.dmp --------                   -------   132667                   1 file

Seems there's an extension :)

I was told by Greg Hazel, this dump is unusable because it's created by upxed executable. I've sent him a new dump created by uncompressed executable.

Seems these crashes are influenced somehow by NOD32's IMON, as stopping it helps. Strange because utorrent is added to IMON's ignore list... And it never ever happened with previous versions (well, last "stable" is 1355)

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ManiusNG - interesting... I'll have to see why I couldn't open your stuff correctly. Hopefully the newer dump will work for us.

@ rafi - can you easily reproduce "Unable to load "<NULL>": Torrent is already loaded! - is displayed w/o a name"? If so, can you post or send me detailed steps? Thanks

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I've just asked myself the same question... ;)

my answer (to myself...) was - do I have to actually re-enter the thread each time a notification arrives to re-activate it ? I think we do ... if so, I hope Firon can eliminate this ...

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Small problem - it seems that when no upload or no upload is being done, the download/upload columns are empty (older versions just displayed 0k). This screws up the mirc plugin i use for reporting utorrent, since it'll count the column nonexistent if it doesnt display anything.

It's not your fault but I felt like reporting this (in fact I like the no-display better). Using Essence v. and latest mirc.

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B!LL, sometimes it is, sometimes it's not.. dunno what happens.. it has always been like that..

yeah, i know it only adds the peer to the peer list with the rest of the other peers and would only be connected to if it's necessary, but still ..

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hmmm... you are right.. I though you did it in the latest beta, but I might not have noticed that it was allready implemented... sorry


BTW, just an idea I had:

Many RSS feeds are not for torrents but for include other files. one examples - is subtitles (usually zip files), another - periodic software updates.

What do you think about adding the capability to download such files too ? either by an internal http loader , or easier - just using IE (or whatever download manger the user is using for HTTP) ?

one thing that might be needed in this case - to be able to define (on a per feed base/property) the ability to substitute a string in the link . Many feeds have links only for the page of the file, and not the file itself .


in: http://www.torec.net/rss.asp

page/link in rss feed: http://www.torec.net/sub.asp?sub_id=9620

actual download link http://www.torec.net/download.asp?sub_id=9620

downloading file: http://www.torec.net/subs/lost.s03e19.hdtv.xvid.heb.zip

At the time, utorrent guys used for that the rsssatelite.com service -


I'm not sure it works any more

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@ Lucifer - is the failure to log RSS feed download errors reproducible? If there is a specific feed that exhibits this issue, please send over to me. Thanks.

@DenisCool - I tried following your steps, and could not get the NULL string to show up. Have any other people using autoload experienced this on the latest beta? I believe this case should have been fixed in one of the more recent betas.

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lol trivial indeed... I still have my opinion on it, but it's not a big deal, and it's definitely tolerable ;D

(I must've gotten used to having every column filled... I rarely ever looked at the Peers tab before, so I'm not really used to emptiness)

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