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µTorrent 1.7 beta 2951


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Using the latest beta I noticed when seeding the uploads were going to the max of my connection. This didnt change even if I changed the uploads to a even lover number say 80k. In beta 2465 my uploads are going over the limit by a few k.

Also noticed with the special installer you have my firewall picks up the temp ver of the utorrent program you are running. I have to close this ver and the reopen again from the desktop so I dont have as many rules to allow again. Im using comodo.

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@schnurlos has a very wierd behaviour i have test it in two pcs with the same result when you try to adjust anything the slowdown in very obvius the thing is tha i test it in pcs with 512 memory maybe these is the problem?i have not see anything like this before in any version beta or other

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here is the bug


the upload speed is not shown in the statusbar. I am using 2481. The person DWing is a friend of mine using build 2465 and suddenly he told me that µTorrent crashed (after trying limiting the speed), whish is strange cause I have never seen it. Now hi is with the same build as mine. Nither he nor me can limit the speed. His client crashed again is it sth from the settings file?! Hope to find and repair it the problem soon.


µTorrent user

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I guess Local Peers are found ONLY by broadcasting packets on LAN?

My ISP allows fast connections (100mbps) between all users, but they are separated into many lans, so broadcast won't reach them. How am I suppose to force ut to consider all peers from my ISP range as local. I didn't mention but I also split my net connection in home using router so this Local Peer Discovery only works with my laptop?

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Have noticed that when Utorrent tells me there is a new update I click yes to update and then Utorrent closes. The computer almost hangs. This is after running the program all day ie. 6+hrs of seeding. Then I wait a few minutes and seems to get better. Then reopened Utorrent and it askes me if I want to do the update again. I say yes and then it closes and reopens and then my firewall says do I want to allow the .tmp for utorrent to run. It would be nice for the updated utorrent to run soas I dont have to always reclose utorrent and run it from my desktop?!

Im running an athlon xp overclocked, equiv of 3400+ @ 1.5Gb of ram so my pc is no slouch....

btw the uploads r not trying to take over my connection now and staying at around the 80k limit I set.

Qu. Whats the story with upload to download ratios? I never seem to get more than 3:1 not complaining just wondering. I thought they were 6:1

Good work with this program. :)

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Please, get the UPnP logging back there on the logger tab by default. For us with quirky wireless routers, it was useful, coz I could see right away if it didn't work out on a particular try.

Please, pleaase, get it back... :(

alextwo wrote:

I've found that with Vista (with UAC enabled) updating to a new version will always fail unless "run as Administrator" is selected when starting µTorrent.

You're wrong. ;)

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