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µTorrent 1.7 beta 2951


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I tried the latest 1.7 beta and UPnP doesn't seem to work. I tried a different port to be sure it's not blocked by anything.

When I switched back to 1.6 it was immediately working.

Changing the port won't help. You need to remove the firewall rules from your firewall and remake them.

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Blocklist Balderdash?

Its not to prevent identification as much as it is to prevent bandwidth theft. The torrent size does not seem to matter since they can stop even a 50-100 meg file from finishing downloading. But for larger torrents of GB sizes it is essential in many cases.

If you dont know what I am talking about then it is hard to explain. But if you see a bunch of sequential IP numbers, Then that torrent has been targetted and you will mostly just get hash errors while wasting both upload and download bandwidth without getting any actual real data. An IP blocker will prevent you from downloading bad data and uploading to someone who dont need the same data a zillion times just for jollies.

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Yes, this is official. Everyone, please continue reporting bugs in the Found Bugs forum; we do look at them!

Speaking of which, I tried for days to reproduce the upload rate limiting issue some have reported and it worked perfectly every time for me - so could those with that issue please provide more information; as much useful information as possible would be appreciated; thanks!

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- Feature: uTorrent now has a 256x256 compressed png icon for Vista

how does it check for vista? because now it detects wine as vista :)

- Change: detect Wine only for TCP socket repair

more details? if thers something wrong with wine winsock it will be better to fix wine

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