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µTorrent 1.7 beta 2951


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ut 1137 - back to the old bugs :(

First this:


and second is launching two instances of utorrent when in autostart (or rather in run registry).

I remember this bugs were some time ago present in utorrent and both were connected with themselves, something with incorrect unicode usage by utorrent AFAIR.

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HI running Windows XP Media Center Edition SP 2 and using uTorrent Beta build 1137

When I first open a torrent all the files are unselected, it also did not move my completed file from one place to another after it finished once I left is seeding.

But another torrent I set so it would stop right after finished downloading and it was moved properly.

The torrent was from the same tracker, the one that moved was an audio file and the other was a video file if that makes any difference.

I assume we report errors here, I'm sorry if thats wrong ><

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xp pro sp2

Amd Athlom 64 3000+

1.81 ghz.2 gb ram

over 300 gig hard space

so far so good ,low cpu ,faster load up recheck 300% fast than 1.6.1 on a 30 gig upload..

fixed blue screen of death gone from 1.6.1 with large files (memory crash)

upnp maps a1 (you must set up a port on your router to make it work right)

nat-pnp port doesn't map (may not be for my set up)?? is this for network?

or voip?

heavy testing still to be tested

PECompact compressed (normal) version


private tracker bug: found that turning off nat-pnp i get a green light not yellow..need to be added in code to be turn off when upnp is mapped .they must hate 1 other lol

now all private trackers are back up and see me again ..download has double and upload now join with no drop outs.

ok back to seeding again

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After switching from 1.6.1 to 1.7 beta 1137 I'm fainally able to map a port. I have afaik allways had uPnP enabled in µtorrent and in my router settings. Earlier I was able to forward a port in my router and enter that portnumber i µtorrent but suddenly it didn't work. Now It's able to discover a uPnP device and it now works perfectly.

I almost the same problem as Katalu. When I downloaded the beta I replaced the stable 1.6.1 b490 executable with the beta. When I boot a pop-up occours telling me, that µtorrent is already loaded in the background.

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I don't know if this was reported before, but on Windows Vista i can't use µTorrent in other folders than C:\Users\Username\Program Files\uTorrent. The stupid exe copies itself to this directory. But i want to use D:\Programme\µTorrent as directory but this doesn't work.

cu Yoshi !

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About "Auto uplink throttling", if "Alternate upload rate when not downloading" is checked in the prefs the auto uplink throttling is useless, because it changes the first value, and if you don't download, the automatic value is not taken in account.

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FadeToBlack 'delay' between closing µtorrent and the process actually ending is usually caused because µtorrent needs to properly close (write out cache, update resume.dat with latest information and I dunno what). The varying time you noticed is probably not caused by the µtorrent being packed or not.

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I had to pay a visit to my ISP this morning, so I had set the scheduler to disable all jobs in early hours until afternoon ;-) but when I came back to the office I almost wasn't able to get into my computer as something obviously used a lot of resources. It took me almost an hour to get the mouse pointer to the XP login icon for my working account name, and then another 20 minutes to get to the X icon of uTorrent to close it down (keyboard wasn't responsive so I couldn't do a Ctrl+Alt+Del). After a minute uTorrent closed down and I noticed OutPost had crashed, but within 10 seconds or so after uTorrent closed the system became fully responsive again. I am still not quite sure what was going on as I couldn't do a Ctrl+Alt+Del viewing anything of what was going on, so will have to investigate a bit further under controlled forms to see if I can reproduce it.

Anyhow, I am new to uTorrent but have had a very positive experience so far, although after installing Outpost it seem I don't get the same steady u/l rate as I had before but it might be due to configuration or even swarm problems. I have am external router and fw managed by my ISP and after asking them to open some ports for uTorrent I had excelent and steady performance running with just the XP SP2 fw, however I got huge problems to browse the web due to extensive port scanning (lowering my u/l etc. or even close uT didn't help much) so I replaced it with Outpost. This has improved my browse experience, but uT now (at least seem to) perform worse.

ok, sorry for the long post, it was my first here :-)

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Love the Auto Throttling feature!

Some observations on UPnP in Vista.

It worked almost perfectly in build 1092 (said unable to map, then mapped it within another 20 seconds).

UPnP has been broken again in builds 1111,1137 and 1170.

Using Microsoft's Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool my router (Linksys WRT54G v3.1 running Thibor 15c) failed the UPnP test, but still worked with build 1092.

Issuing "netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled" (no quotes) in an elevated cmd window allowed my router to pass the UPnP test and still worked with build 1092.

I think UPnP worked slightly more reliably in this configuration.

I have since tested builds 1111,1137 & 1170 and have not been able to get UPnP to work at all.

I hope my comments prove useful to your development.

Thanks for a great application

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Can someone explain this, as I am rather new to this. As soon as I start my computer I get a lot of connection tries to the port I use for uTorrent, which then are blocked by Outpost as the port is closed (uT doesn't run yet). When I then start uTorrent (1170) the port gets open and the connections are allowed by Outpost and connections are done to uT. But the wired this as I see it is that although I stop all my torrens (currently 2 d/l and 2 seeding) the connections continues... almost seem like some kinda DOS to me or is this a "normal" thing?

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