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Error Connecting??


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When I attempt to go to the webui via

³"iq1€eñátØVèºVÖyÅ ¦Ö§zÈè¤Æ¿ÄÓÌ)˸A/ÏüæHh LŠÝ…'*û@"…Ï-f€/àÑ>ftGCN9 "Kß}¢¼ðÜú0«Ï:)äí¶~¿ð yêgÖ¸T@Ò5ŸÛ¿gÆiGû‡ÞþñÓ0‰š¡2 4cc[µê¨Þ†‰ÄÃû=ô&€Ø1"+ÿÈ

thats what shows up in IE7 and Firefox tries to download a file called octet-stream. The logger in uTorrent shows nothing and the zip file for the UI is also in its proper place. The operating system it's running on is XP home, and the firewall is disabled.

Any suggestions?

Thanks ahead of time.

-I did just notice that if I changed the default port to something else, IE 12397 I now get an invalid request error in both IE and Firefox

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