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slow speed with vista ultimate


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my windows firewall is turned off, i have no other firewalls on

i am using vista ultimate and have downloaded the latest beta utorrent 1.7 build1085

i have turned off upnp and map nat/pnp

my computer has a static ip address

the torrent has 572 seeders and 2974 leechers

and the highest speed i have gotten is 30kb/s

all my speed settings were configured using the speed guide.

any help is appreciated

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This severely helped my speed personally.

Go to Options > Preferences (ctrl + P)

Click on advanced (not on anything in the tree, just Advanced itself).

You'll see two near the top that say net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip. Set those two to the IP address you have the ports forwarded to.

Click okay, if you notice a decrease (give it a few minutes to take affect of course) then go back to the default of nothing there.

I was getting like 30kb/s on a total of 8 torrents at once, and I used the net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip and now I'm getting 322kb/s+. at 70kb/s, 40kb/s, 60kb/s, 68kb/s, well..... You get the point. It should help.


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no it does not throttle bittorrent

and i am reaching and sustaining upload speeds

my speed has gone up to around 30 kb/s

some more info,

speeds fluctuate a lot from 2 al the way up to 40 kb/s

and while utorrent is on, my net connection slows downs for my entire network.

i have already set the half open setting to 4 as required for vista.

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