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uTorrent is leeching all my bandwidth! Help appreciated!


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I've used uTorrent since, bah can't remember quite well but I can say for a long time. I love this software since it's light compared to other applications.

However, I've just encountered a serious issue, which I believe is due to Vista.

I could run this program so well on XP SP2 and then when I had bought a new computer and installed Vista, uTorrent is leeching all my bandwidth! I can barely google or do anything withouth having to wait like 20 seconds. I used TPTEST to test my internet speed with utorrent, both off and on. I could notice my speed was "normal"; 2-3Mbit/s. However, when uTorrent was on, guess the speed... 55kbit/s.

I've tried so much to solve this, disabling the TCP/IP IPv6 etc, restoring my Access point (Wireless) Try other drivers for my network card, but nothing works! It still leeches my bandwidth and there's like zero I can do about it. I've tested both 1.6.1 and 1.7 Beta but nothing really works and I'm about to give up uTorrent for Azureus which doesn't seem to leach my bandwith. I will try Azureus for an hour and see how fast I can download withouth leeching my internet.

I really hope I don't have to give up uTorrent for that shitty Azureus program... really.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: It seems like Azureus seems to take much of my bandwidth! What can the problem be? It seems like when I try to do some P2P my internet performance is greatly reduced, why? :( I'm not behind any firewall nor router.

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100 max connections

net.max_halfopen is set to 4, but there is a * in front of it.

Everything is turned off @UPnP, DHT etc. Upload is set to 130 when following the guide ((1300/8)*0,8) = 130

This is my computer spec:

AMD 64 X2 4400+

Nvidia nForce4

CTX405 Wireless Internet

Windows Vista Ultimate

The nForce is not installed because it said it had some "problems" with uTorrent, I've tried to shutdown and also allow every kind of ports, no result.

I'm using a swedish ISP called "Blixtvik". I have 100MBit Download and 10Mbit upload.

Everything runs smooth when uTorrent is not active. My brother was complaining that I was also slowing down his internet when uTorrent was active. Maybe uTorrent is sending too much packets?

I have followed the guide by Ultima and I can assure you I have done everything.

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Hmm... I just got a new wireless adapter to my computer. I will try and see if the problem persists.

Keep in mind I do really appreciate your help guys =)

Edit: How do I see if my ISP is throttling uTorrent?

I dont really mind if uTorrent is downloading around 100kb/s, but it really bugs me that is has to leech my whole network's bandwidth... :( WHY ! ;P

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If you can test your computer and maybe even your router with another internet connection, that may rule out your ISP as blocking/throttling...if it works ok elsewhere. If your ISP really seriously blocks or throttles BitTorrent traffic, I doubt that's much of a secret to anyone who really cares to know! (Try GOOGLE searches for others on your ISP with BitTorrent problems.)

Try lowering your upload speed till your download speed picks up. The only reasons I can think of that µTorrent is messing up your network/internet connection is due to either way-too-high upload speed or a bad modem or router.

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