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wrong upload stats reported to the tracker


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that's what happened i'm not sure that utorrent 1.6.1 coused this

a friend has downloaded a torrent and started seeding it

he didn't notice that the tracker and the client show he was uploading at 2MB/s and has uploaded ~15GB twice than the snatches + other leechers have downloaded (maybe it has happened when he was afk)

utorrent also shows that he have uploaded ~15GB

he was banned for this but no cheating was involved

any ideas what's the couse?

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he didn't notice (probably he was afk) he realized that something was wrong when he have been banned already

his client show ~15GB uploaded like the tracker so i think the client was displaying this speed until he was banned

it's a shame

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our isp provide net via lan network like the most fastest isps in my country

but we never get 12MB/s upload

also it doesn't explain why the tracker show 2x more uploaded from him than all other user have downloaded

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it is possible but not so many guys to make 15GB upload

i have mistaked the upload speed was 2MB/s not 12MB/s

but forget the speed how is it possible the tracker to show more uploaded from him than all other people have snatched?

the admin said that the code of the tracker hasn't changed recently and there were no such cases

he is sure that there was a cheating but that's not true

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Although I don't know why/how it would, I guess it's extremely remotely possible for µTorrent to upload/download to itself....due to some obscure bug/condition.

I know mine at least TRIES to connect to itself...until I added my LAN and internet ip to ipfilter.dat! :P

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I am experiencing the same problem.

My account has just been disabled at a private tracker site for "cheating".

I know that I did not, however the ratio numbers do not add up at all. After downloading a bunch of torrents and doing some exzessive seeding over the course of more than 72 hours my ratio went up to about 3.9 (9GB), however if you check the individual torrents (for example there is one which has a ratio of 11, although only 7 people downloaded it). DHT and Peer exchange are enabled, might there be a problem with that?

I am using XP SP2 and have cable business line with 3mb up and 4.5mb down plus a linksys router.

Any ideas whats wrong?

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