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A couple of problems with uTorrent


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Hey all,

Im new to the forums here. Im having a few problems with uTorrent and im looking for some advice on solving them.

Firstly every time I open the program it always tells me that its not the default program for.torrent files and asks me if I want to make it the default app. I always say yes but it still asks me again the next time I open the program.

Secondly every time I try to open a webpage using uTorrent Internet Explorer 7 crashes.

Lastly the status always has the orrange triangle and says no inomming connections even though the port is forwarded properly (or at least it was the last time I checked a few days ago before IE7 started crashing evertime I try to open a page with uTorrent).

Any help with these issues would be appreciated.


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Thanks for your quick response to my post.

I guess I should have provided more technical info when posting my topic. Firstly I did check the FAQ's before posting but I could not find the answer to my problems there.

IE7 is my default browser but I have figured out that the problem isnt with uTorrent but occurs every time I use a program to open a webpage in it or when I click to create a new tab. I guess ill have to try to resolve that issue elsewhere.

Im using a BT Voyager 2110 Wireless ADSL Router to access broadband. My firewall is Norton Internet Security Personal Firewall which is set to allow internet access for uTorrent.

Unfortunately owing to my problem with IE7 I cannot check if the port is forwarded properly but im 99% sure it is as I went through the proccess of setting it up before and it tested fine only a couple of days ago (a week at the most).

Once again any help would be appreciated.

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