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error: files missing from job. please recheck. WHAT????


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I've just experienced the same "files missing" error message when starting µtorrent ( for a download that had already been finished and I meant to seed). I forced re-check and then the download appeared with 99,somewhat % among the running downloads. It finished again after a few seconds.

- I had already used the files from download before ( but in a way that I thought couldn't change

them), can this be the reason for the Program's behaviour though ?

- Can I be sure the download is not corrupted ( now labeled as " 100 % seeding [F]" ) ?



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I am having a similar issue, but I am the original seeder of the torrent. I have been seeding the torrent for over a week now. I was messaged by a few people that they kept getting hash errors on a particular file so decided to perform a recheck and found that it doesn't show one file as complete (95%). I know the file is good, as it will decompress fine and the checksum matches the sfv file. I have already tried to download the .torrent file again and it still won't register the one file as complete. Any ideas?

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I don't touch my files while they download either...but I don't have some unknown program corrupting them in the background either.

Your computer seems to, and Azureus is not spotting this corruption and µTorrent is.

To me, that doesn't seem like a bug in µTorrent!

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