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Error: Incorret Function.


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My download keeps getting interrupted and the status message reads "Error: Incorrect Function". I click resume and it does for a minute or two then again it shuts down giving the same error message. Does anyone know what the problem is or how i can fix it?


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Which version of µTorrent?


Which OS?

- WinXP

What type of filesystem (FAT32/NTFS/SMB)?


What type of storage device (USB disk, FW, SATA, IDE, etc)?

-USB Ext. Hard Drive

Which disk device driver?

-not sure what you mean

Any write-intercept type utilities installed (AV etc)?

-Assuming AV stands for Anti Virus then yes, i have Norton Antivirus 2006 installed. I also have Ad-Aware SE plus installed.

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Almost any Norton products have been proven troublemakers when it comes to µTorrent.

USB Ext. Hard Drive = could be in USB v1.0 mode which is VERY slow -- maybe 1 MB/sec top speed even when only reading a file from it. When trying to write and read from different places in multiple files all at once, total speeds may drop to less than 100 KiloBYTES/sec.

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Norton often screws up the whole operating system...that's why generally only a full uninstall seems to help. (And you may even want to use a registry cleaner to fix the mess Norton leaves behind!)

You could reinstall Norton if uninstalling it doesn't help.

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