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Anyone using SKY DSL satelite in Europe?Please Help!!


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i'm totally new to all of this and i need help please.I have a one way satelite which i can download at up to 1611 Kbps / 1.6Mbps / 197 kB/s(tested online) i can also adjust it to download faster.I have a really slow dial up connection which it uses to upload and uses the satelite to download.

Everything looks ok(green light etc)but it downloads around 5.0 and less!!VERY SLOW!! But i ONCE seen it jump up to 35!! But only stayed there for a short while as it just slowed back down to around 5 and less!

I have set the maximum download to 190kB/s and upload to 1(as my dial up is very slow!)

Its downloading very slow-can anyone help me please?

And why did it suddenly start to download faster at one stage?and then just to slow back down again?


PS:i just looked at it now and its downloading at 0.2kB/s and uploading at 0.2!!!

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since you can't send ACK packets via your slow uploadline fast enough to the peers, you can not download fast.

a two (so totally different) way connection like yours isn't suitable for p2p traffic at all. Not only because of the SYN/ACK problem, but also because of the fact that you have no "real" internet connection at all via the satelite downlink. other peers simply can't send data initiated by them to you via the satelite.

forget p2p traffic with decent speed via such a connection setup :(

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Thanks for the reply.

Aww please tell me i can still download?Anyway of getting around what you said?

And how come the speed went up to 35 and 40 at one stage?i'd be happier with that(even though still not really fast!) its more than 5!

Also i tried the open office thingy and it was the same slowness all the time-but theres 0 peers and 2 seeds.downloading at 6 and uploading 0.?

I did a search for satelite and on another post a guy downloaded the open off

ice at 200k!!??


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All you may be able to do is make sure your dial up modem is running as fast as possible. Old phone wires can really hurt performance on an already limited resource as that. (corrosion, poor connections, wire hair shorts, moisture on the lines grounding them out, etc) Even having lots of phones connected hurts at least a little.

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