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uTorrent disables my Internet connection


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Dell XPS XP Media Center

Motorola SB5100

ISP: zoominternet.net from Armstrong

Windows XP Professional Media Center SP2 Build 2600

Pent. D 2.8 GHz

McAfee Security Center v7.2 ( Virus Scan(v11.2) and Personal Firewall(v8.2)

Network Status: is OK Green Check Mark D:0.1kB/S - U: 47kB/S

Speed Guide - I get a 'IE Cant Display page'

***** I did however change this months ago to use port 55555. And my speed was quite high, i think xx/512 ****** Ran Test at dslreports without linking from utorrent.

D/L: 3963 kbps

U/L: 454 kbps

Latency 38ms

<a href="http://speedtest.dslreports.com"><img border=0 src="http://www.dslreports.com/im/27795860/3602.png"></a>

I haven't used uTorrent for about a month or so. I attempted to use it again and I have yet to be able to.

When I open uTorrent and either attempt to open IE or search for a file which opens IE Browser) I am unable to gain a connection to the internet 'IEcannot display...'

Network Diagnostics troubleshooting for XP programs opened, and found no connection and said to contact your manufacturer. The picture below is the Log Details from the results. I couldnt hotlink it, i tried, but clicking the thumbnail takes you there

I have no idea whats is going on and would like to get back to sharing files. I reset the modem and nothign changed, logged off, nothing changed. A restart is the only solution it seems.

Any Ideas? Im not skilled enough to even begin guessing. Is it possible my High Speed Providor blocks my access once I activate uTorrent? (Armstrong Cable http://internet.agoc.com/internet500.asp)

Thank You Alll!!!!



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