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No Seeds/Peers


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and oviously no one wants a 4 GIG rip of some ECWF stuff that is simply labeled "Rip" and probably hopelessly lost under piles of other search results and new torrents that try to attract the leechers out there.

why not try with smaller stuff that is more likely to be grabbed to see if something is really wrong with your setup, and not just that noone wants the stuff.

IIRC the problem about NTFS drives and 4 GB had we discussed priviously in your question some time ago, and you said, you had NTFS, hadn't you? So that should not be a problem!

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then tell this someone what your IP/port is, so he can add you manually to his peers list.

if this doesn't work, maybe your ISP terminates connection attemps with one of those nice "antipiracy boxes".

do you have the necessary uploadspeed to entertain so much torrents like you did according to your screenshot? Maybe YOUR hardware is stressed to much for successful connections in this case.

If you created this torrent with DHT allowed in it, try enableing it, maybe your someone finds you that way.

Do a forced recheck of the content if everything is still OK with it since you created the torrent.

And try with some smaller torrentfile while you STOPPED all the other torrents just to make sure.

Otherwise I don't have no further ideas :(

Edit: if it isn't stashed publicly, did you made sure the tracker you used allows to track torrents that aren't uploaded there?!!

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antipiracy boxes: for example http://www.ellacoya.com/products/ or http://www.palisadesys.com/

force recheck: stop the torrent, right click it, and choose advanced force recheck. it will scan the content if it is unchanged and has the same hashvalues like in the torrent.

Im not familiar with the rules of the trackers you choose about what they track and what not, and if you need to upload the torrentfile to them or not. But if you have more then one tracker in this torrent pictured, you must have at least 1 blank line between them if i understand teh FAQ corerctly about multitracker announce and this stuff.

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How would someone manually add me to their peers list?

I did a forced recheck, it seemed ok.

I've redone the torrent, to see if the multiple trackers was the issue.

I've also uploaded a torrent of a jpg file, I'll see if that gets any results.

Neither the JPEG nor the new torrent for the video file work.

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