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wireless and wired port address on same comp


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Hi all. Just wondering if anyone can help. i use both wireless and wired on my comp because when i plug it in i get much better download speeds but i cant always have a cable lying around my house due to the distance between my pc and my phone socket. i can get utorrent to work brilliantly but i have to set up the ports again each time i either plug it in or use the wireless as my router wont send the incoming connections to my pc because it thinks that i have two diffent pcs even though i dont use both wireless and wired toghter, only one at a time. any ideas how to set up utorrent or my router so that is assigns the same ip address regardless as to which connection im using? any help would be appretiated. hope that makes sense.

Cheers, Chas.

Btw my router is a netgear dg834g if thats any help.

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