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i don't know what strange google you have that it gives you a description of a "filetype" while it is supposed to (and do!) explain an 3 letter acronym

Definitions of POV on the Web:

* Point of View; a camera angle placed so as to seem the camera is the eyes of a character.


* Point of view Back to top


* The camera shows what a character is looking at.


* The roller coaster experience as seen from the rider's point of view. This term is often used with video footage or animations to describe the type of footage. POV footage is taken on the ride, generally in the first or last rows and shows the what the rider experience is like on the ride.


* abbreviation for point of view.


* "Point of View" Articles are meant to be written from a Neutral Point of View (NPOV), not from a POV - particular point of view


* (point of view) - the perspective from a particular character in the story.


* POV-Ray source files will typically be given this extension. POV-Ray source files are simple ASCII and should be readable on most platforms. Effective use can only be made of them on machines with POV-Ray, however.


* Point of View. The perspective view of one character as they look at another character, or thing in the scene.


* A subjective camera angle that becomes the perspective of a character. We look at the world through his or her eyes.


* privately owned vehicle


* A story's angle of vision; the relationship in time and space between the telling and the tale. POV both confines and defines the narrative; it establishes basic rules for what can and cannot be in the story, and how these events are expressed. For more go to English 301, Lesson #4: The Intelligence of the Tale.


* Viewpoint of a character or characters. We, the audience see something through a characters eyes, as he or she sees it. Always capitalized and abbreviated with periods after each letter.


* point of view The apparent position of the observer in a shoot that defines the camera's position.


* This is always from the actor's point of view. perspective. It the director a clue to camera position.


* the position from which an image is supposed to be seen, requiring the placing of the camera in that relationship (eg, "Benjamin's POV through the swim goggles as he walks toward the pool" would require the camera operator to shoot through swim goggles as the camera is dollied [pushed on a camera dolly] toward a pool.)


* Point of View; if the story is written in first person, this indicates whose perspective it is from.


* Acronym for "Point of View".


* POV is an acronym for:* Point of view* Pyramid of vision — a 3D computer graphics term: the infinite pyramid into the real world with an apex at the observer's eye and faces passing through the edges of the viewport ("window").* Persistence of Vision (raytracing program)* Privately-owned vehicle* Programmers of Vilnius, participates actively in Zope 3 developement


non the less, HTH (hope that helps) ;)

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