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netorking problem


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After i run utorrent for a while (anywhere from an hour to 10 hours) a few websites stop working. for example, today wikipedia wouldn't work. but google worked fine. i couldn't ' browse to yahoo but could ping it. the torrents are uploading and downloading fine. then after another hour the torrents are uploading and downloading at 10-15 percent of what they should and i can't use the web for anything but can ping major sites.

a restart fixes the problem

important info:

Vista Ultimate

belkin N1 router

linksys N pci card

dht turned off

global max connections 300

connected peers per torrent 50

upload slots per torrent 3

my max upload is capped at an appropriate level.

let me know if you need more info.



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Dang I missed the important info: belkin N1 router

Try reducing Global and per-torrent connections to 50 or less.

Belkin routers just can't take it.

Were there some 3rd party hack to modify the router's settings, you might be able to reduce their long timeout values for connections...which I've heard is the main cause of their overloads.

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