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URL trouble.


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Hi, I am excited that this WebUI works, but I'm having trouble adding torrents with WebUI from most websites as they don't contain a direct link to a torrent.

I can add this torrent:


But I cannot add something like this:


How can I get the actual link to the torrent file from the 2nd link above? I read something about cookies, but it seems like there should be an easier way, let me know. Thanks.

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crrimson i think you are confusing something. There is no need for the torrent and the dowloaded files (eg. avi) to be on the same computer.

Therefore you can download the torrent on the computer where you are running the WebUI and use the Add Torrent option browsing for the torrent on that computer. When you add it, the actual file (.avi) will be downloaded on the remote computer.

I hope it makes sense :)

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Wait... You're saying that the browse function will browse the files on my local hard drive, as opposed to the hard drive of the remote computer that WebUI is running on? Well if thats the case, problem solved.

I will try that. (edit: tried it, that works)

Thank you everyone.

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