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No UL/DL anymore. Has been good, now, nothing.


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So I realised i'm on a "bad ISP" but I haven't had any problems till the last few days where I won't get any UL or DL, or if I do it's very slow (usually under 1K, although I did get an UL of 10kb earlier for a second).

Usuallu i'm uploading constantly at 50-75KB/s and DLing at 20-50 (I can't seem to get any fast than that even though i'm on 4.5MB/s connection).

Anyway, here's an example:


Also note I have unlimited download overnight and my connection drops dramatically when I hit this time for some reason (ISP I guess, but it's been generally good so far till last few days).

EDIT: If Image is a little broken. Direct link here:

Thumbnail it next time. -Firon

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Sorry about that. Here's another picture if this helps (I took it just now):


Note that I have no firewall on as you can see. Also i've tried forwarding my ports manually and by using portforward.com's Portforwarding tool but it still says my port is blocked, any help on this as well?

EDIT: Here's an example of what I wish I could get (I got this speed from a download off a site):


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I'm sorry but I don't know what "What is your net.max_halfopen" is. (SEE EDIT 2)

Also i'm downloaded the same file on Azureus (another BT Client) and it's DLing on there at about 7ish and ULing at around 30ish (but nothing in uTorrent). I did try re-forwarding my ports, put them on my Exceptions list in Windows Firewall.

I'm using Router Netcomm NB5Plus4W (ADSL2+). And how would I go about turning off DHT? (SEE EDIT 3)

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: Here's an image of uTorrent and Azureus side by side, downloading THE SAME FILE:


EDIT 2: I figured out net.max_halfopen. It was set to 8, I changed it to 50 and it DID help a little bit. I'm now getting around 1-5K/s).

EDIT 3: I also turned off DHT but seemed to actually kill the download (it dropped to 0 UL and DL).

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