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Im new to µ


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Ok, Ill probably get yelled at for asking such easy questions and what not, but I searched for stuff to figure out what is what on µtorrent and could not find anything. I dont know if it is runing properly or slow or what when I upload torrents.

Can anyone help me with a few questions I have.

1. Is there a post on the fourms somewhere that has like an image map-out of what does what in the program? (like what all of the tabs stand for e.g. up speed, down speed, ratio, avail., etc)

2. I am uploading a 1.11 gig file and it says it will take 15 some hours to complete... this doesnt sound right to me. Is there a way to optimize download speed?

3. I had to go through port forwarding to get µtorrent to connect, but it still says my port connection is having an error.

I know that these questions have probably been asked thousands of times so if someone could direct me a post that is like this or just answer it up front I would be very thankful.

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i too am new to this game and had the same problem with utorrent saying i was having a port error. if you click on the little icon at the bottom of the utorrent page (it SHOULD be a green tick, but if you're still having problems, it will probably be a yellow triangle or red circle)this will display a box allowing you to check your port.click on test port and wait for the result.if it results in a port closed error then do the following.:

first, make a note of the port number. then check your computers IP number. (you can do this by clicking START - Run, type cmd then OK. in the box that appears type IPCONFIG then enter). this will display your IP address (it will probably be something like just a made up number to give you an idea of what to look for) take a note of this number as well.

you will then have to go into your firewall settings , in my case i had to go into firewall rules,and services (windows, your router, or both if they're both switched on) and edit a rule allowing utorrent to access your computer using the port number you noted

you should get the little green tick icon at the bottom of the page indicating that the port is ok


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