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new broadband isp and utorrent is shuting down explora !!!


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Hi every one hope someone can help ...... Ive been using utorrent for a while now on my old broad band provider with great results and everthing was fine untill i changed ISP ... Now what happens is :- the internet works fine untill i start utorrent when after it has been transfering data for a few miniutes i get this windows message :- " Generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close " you know that box that says it will send the data to microsoft. well few miniutes later all data transfer dropps off to zero the screen flickers and internet explora cant find server any more !!! the isp does remain connected though ....it all stays like this untill i restart the system. I spoke to isp tech suport who said it was an explora problem that occures after an amount of data has been transfered and it causes explora to stop they sent me to microsoft to get a patch which i have done and nothing changes. can anyone please help or has antone heard of this sort of thing before cheers .........now i just got this happen in the time i wrote this without utorrent running .............. how do i tell if i got 32 bit xp or 64 bit xp .......................

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