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UTorrent expected speed - new user


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Hi everyone,

Average computer knowledge so please keep as simple as possible.

Have a Belkin F5D7230 - 4 wireless router connected to a Speedtouch 530 Modem with a 8MB download speed broadband connection.

Simply, I am wanting to maximise my UTorrent experience and am unsure how??

Currently, if I download something with a high number of seeds it downloads on average at 35kb/s.

Another thing I downloaded had 39 seeds and reached speeds of 15kb/s.

Should I be satisfied with this or am I missing out.

I have tried port forwarding following the instructions at portforward.com but when I do a speed test it still says blocked.

There is an attention (!) sign in the bottom of UTorrent that says I have a network problem, but i can't overcome it.

Any simple suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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