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Trouble with Port Forwarding through Motorola VT2142


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Hi Folks,

I was hoping I might be able to get some insight into this issue:

Network is as follows:

Cable modem>>Motorola VT2142(This is a Vonage device.)>> Linksys WRT54G>> one laptop on wired ethernet connection, two PC's on wireless connection. I have Utorrent running on one of the wireless PC's with no problem. I have checked the FAQ's and the forum about the firmware update for the Linksys and my router has the current firmware. I have forwarded the ports in the Linksys and it works great. Now I add the Motorola/Vonage device into the mix, forward the port, setup the rules, even open up the DMZ on the Motorola and I am still not able to get the yellow triangle off of the program. Program still downloads and uploads, however, the triangle stays. If I take the Motorola out of the network, green circle with checkmark! lol It's a little perplexing. Has anyone else seen this issue before? I'm not extremely concerned, as I've said, I'm still able to download and upload even with the yellow triangle. I'm more or less interested from a technical standpoint and I would like to know that I can add the Motorola router and get the full functionality of this program. I've read in the forum that the yellow triangle condition could make it difficult for connections to call in or out. Any thoughts or ideas, brainstorming, etc. would be greatly appreciated.



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