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Interrupted connection


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I get interrupted internet connection when torrenting.

I did:

Disable IP resolving in the Peers tab

Disable DHT

Disable UPnP

Lower maximum global number of connections to 30

Lower net.max_halfopen to 4

Patch TCPIP.sys and restarted computer after patching

Connect my computer directly to the modem to make sure the problem is not caused by the router

Restart my computer, modem, and router after performing any of the above

Here your needed informations:

Color of the network status is green

Port is 45723

30 Global Connection

15 pet-torrent connections

Upload limit 70 Kbps

Download slot 5

Upload slot 5

5 Active torrents

Currently on XP SP2 up-to-date

I have no firewall and no antivirus, XP firewall desabled.

Router model Lynksys BEFSR41, modem ARRIS model TM402P/110

ISP is Videotron.ca

Connection type would be cable...

It's a Telephony modem...Speed result from the test: 8873 Kbps download, 830 Kbps upload.

Well I have to say, it never happened with my old router. I changed the old router to a new one today...the SAME model and now, I get interruptions.

This is why im asking for help since this never happened with my old router. I would go inside the old router to see how it was configured, but I don't remember doing anything in it except fowarding ports, and right now the router is so broken, I don't have any internet connections when cables are pluged in.

Everything is fowarded fine now tho. Not sure what to do now lol. I did do everything I found and I get less interruptions, thanks to that, but that thing still happens and it's not fully fixed.

My connection restarts by itself, I know I should not complain about that, but my other applications (games, IM, etc.) does not restart.

EDIT: I just updated my firmware...

RE-EDIT: I think it fixed it, I'll be back to confirm =O

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