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hi I have a speed question and I hope someone can help

most of the time when I download I can get around 210-250 kB/s

usually 150+ from just one person

however when I try to seed I max at about 50 kB/s

I have tried messing with all the settings that would affect upload speed with no luck

I want to get my computer to upload @ those Ricockulous speeds

can someone please provide some advice.

even the almighty ThunderPussy needs help sometimes

much appreciated

Good Times

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You probably only have 384 kilobits/sec or 512 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth.

It *CAN'T* upload any faster than about 50-60 KiloBYTES/sec no matter what you do.

Verify your upload bandwidth, and then run µTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G) to pick the settings that closest matches your upload bandwidth.

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