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Different upload speed when downloading / only uploading


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Hi All!

I set my configuration according to the speedtest and I tweaked DL and UL speeds a little bit afterwards.

I have a DSL connection (8Mb/s / 512kb/s). I use the latest Beta 1170 Utorrent 1.7.

I confined my upload speed to 45 kByte/s (when downloading and uploading simoultaneously), and I set my upload speed to 52 (secondary upload when not downloading)

Phenomen is that It uploads rather slow when I download real fast (I mean 800KByte/s, almost the maximum).

But upload speed only reaches sg like 25-30 KByte/s in these cases.

When I finish download, upload crawls back to the maximum as of 52 .

Is it normal behavior?

2nd question. I tweaked my system with Event 4226 Patch TCPIP . I set my sytem to 100 max.half_open.connections. My sytem seems to like it - I got only a few (1 or 2 a day) messages of 4226 error in Event-viewer.

Should I set the same number in Utorrent Advanced settings (equally with the current max.half_open value, as of 100? Or should I set it to ay lower number?

It is not really obvious from what I've learned during my private research.

Thanx for Your effort, I appreciate Your help.

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µTorrent's half open max should be considerably less than window's max limit. And there's really VERY little reason to increase µTorrent's half open max beyond about 20 anyway. Trying 20+ connections at once is already a bit of a bandwidth-eater, and is KNOWN to kill marginal connections...especially marginal routers.

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Thanx for the reply, Guys!

my connection is a T-com ADSL with 8Mbit/s download and 512 Kbit/s upload. And of course I can tell bytes from bits.:)

So as I grasp the two number should not be exactly equal...I thought when I set Windows half open max the same value has to be set in Utorrent settings. Well, right now I go back to 50 and leave Windows Max at 100.

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Well, to secure enough browsing speed I set download maximum to 800 Kbyte/s (8 x800= 6400kb/s if I count well). That seems somehow suitable so far. My ideal (ceiling) download maximum speed amounts to 8Mb/s ,in reality it's approaching 7000kb/s.

This way I am able to browse while downloading, and avoid stuttering of Firefox.:) Why did U ask that? Is it too fast for downloading? Am I using too much percentage of my bandwith?

Sorry no to write until now - I am the physician on duty in my hospital and I had to look after patients.

Thanx for Your effort, once again Ultima!

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Thanx for Your precious time, Ultima!

I 've already done what U had recommended. One last question: Supposing the ups and downs of my config, 400/200 are good settings for my connections (Max and max/ torrents)? And 6 does sonud reasonable as the number of upload threads/ torrents?

I also adjusted net.max.halfopen with Patch 4226 to 50 in Win, and set it to 40 in Utorrent settings.

What is the real meaning of adjusting this parameter - if any? Aside from initial connection - buildup?

Thanx again and kind regards from Budapest, Hungary:


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If your maximum upload is 200kbit/s, then you'd better select xx/192k and stick to those settings instead. net.max_halfopen only limits how many connections µTorrent will attempt to make at any time, that's all. As you probably know, it (indeed) doesn't affect anything beyond the first few minutes of downloading.

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U got me wrong - well I gotta apologize 'cause it was easy to misunderstand. 400/200 is not my bandwith...

That is (up/down) 8 Mb/ 512 kb - theoretically. In fact it's around 7Mb/ 430. It depends on lots of things as U already might know.

400/200 is in Settings/ Bittorent: and goes for Global Connections / Connections /torrents.

Reverting to our original point of view I configured my settings with Speed Test, but I used the "512" value, as I thought it's more relevant, than the "384" - setting. Then I made some slight adjustments afterwards (tweaks) including the forementioned ones.

So thanks for enlighting me on this max.half.open - issue. It caused a little confusion first, but I grasp it now. :) I got the concept.

Thanx for Your precious time again, Ultima! And I will share my thoughts with relevant torrent - sites and community here because there's a common misunderstanding of the max.half.open issue. Even in tutorials...(Hungarian sites).

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