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Is there anyway to stop a torrent from uploading anything while downloading ?

I want to stop it from uploading as my internet speed is not good, so when i've released some torrents & does not provide good speeds to upload it, it'll create problems for users who are downloading it.

Thanks in advance.

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Almost nobody has much upload compared to download.

The only reason you get faster download speeds than upload speeds...is because someone else doesn't.

This is why you must share too.

And running lots of torrents at once just cheats the system and everyone in it. If you've got more torrents running than your upload speed, you're probably even cheating yourself. Fewer SHOULD be faster, and probably is most of the time. To be fair, your total torrents should actually be less than than 1/4 of your upload speed (assuming 4 upload slots PER torrent)...and even that's extremely slow for others.

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I'm on a 256kbps connection. I'm getting a download speed around 25-35 & upload speed around 3-8

So if a release a new torrent on the web, i need to give it an upload speed of a minimum 5kbps. But if i am downloading something when i'm uploading, the torrent that is being uploaded is not able to get an upload speed of at least 5kbps.

But if i'm able to restrict the torrent i'm downloading from uploading, then i'll be able to give the torrent i'm uploading at least 5kbps. And after the torrent has got more than 5 seeders then i can turn the upload speed of the torrent i'm uploading to unlimited.

Thereby doing justice to both the torrents.

This feature will not be of use to people who live in country that has got good speeds but in my country the highest unlimited bandwidth speed is 512kbps which costs a fortune. The next affordable one is 256kbps.

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You should NEVER set the upload speed to unlimited unless you have an incredibly fast upload bandwidth...such as 100000 kilobits/sec. (And even then, it's not a great idea.)

You'll get more uploaded setting your upload speed at roughly 70-90% of your connection's max speed. (It varies depending on how close to the reported max you're getting and what your MTU settings are as well as how many total connections...etc.)

Here's my recommended settings for your connection:

Upload Speed: 5 KiloBYTES/sec

Alternate Upload Speed: 6 KiloBYTES/sec (to seed a little better without overloading)

Upload Slots: 3 (with the use extra if <90% checked if you want)

Global Connections: 40 (only a slow torrent would use the extra 10 connections)

Max Connections per Torrent: 30 (because if you can't max your connection out with 30 seeds/peers...you've got BIGGER problems!)

Max Active Torrents: 1

Max Active Downloads: 1

Half Open connection limit (in advanced settings): 4 (lower than 8 default will free more bandwidth for downloading and uploading)

Sadly, with only 5-6 KiloBYTES/sec Upload Speed to spare, your line's just too slow to effectively run multiple torrents at once. If an extra torrent starts due to slow speeds on the first, manually set the first torrent to 1 upload slot and 1 KiloBYTE/sec upload speed...and you may even want to put it at LOW priority.

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