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Slow D/L lots of Bandwith Usage...


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Basically my utorrent client usually has slow d/l unless I get a few good pears (My service d/l at 20mb top speed) but I usually get like 100kb/s on average maybe more. My port forward is green but what I really notice is that when Utorrent is running no matter how fast it's going my internet speed is very very slow even if it's only running at 25 kb/s...

Any Ideas???

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What's the rated and MEASURED upload bandwidth max for your connection?

Also, what Speed Guide (CTRL+G) setting did you use?

If you didn't use a Speed Guide setting, list all the settings as shown on the Speed Guide pop-up window.

I'm looking for settings that might be causing overloads...so any changed advanced settings would be helpful to know too.

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